The Refuge Church


Travis came to The Refuge Church not knowing he was looking for something but he found it in God. His life is an incredible testament to the power of Christ in our lives. From being unsure of why he was there in 1999, to volunteering at the church, accepting Jesus in 2001, serving as Youth Pastor from 2004 to 2011, and now as Lead Pastor of The Refuge Church, Travis has followed the call of God in his heart and become a man on a mission to spread the love of Christ.

Along his journey he has helped and influenced many to come to know Jesus. Quoting a few of those Travis has inspired…

“Energetic, honest, authentic, down to earth, caring, compassionate, passionate, loves God, his family and his church.”

“Good friend and great encourager, faithful, has tremendous leadership skills, selfless, a little crazy, a little spastic,  definitely strives his hardest to be the best man of God he can be.”

“My favorite aspect of Travis is his impartiality when mentoring people and accepting them where they are.”

“Full of life, faithful, on fire for Jesus, energetic, relevant.”

“He has a love for people that is shadowed only by his love for Christ.”

Travis is a powerful, passionate speaker and his messages change lives. What some have to say…

“High energy, engaging, my morning cup of coffee – who needs caffeine with him?”

“He can bring a message point home in a serious, intentional way that communicates, ‘Hey, this is really important,’ but also have us laughing hysterically in the next breath.”

“He helps make it applicable to everyday living in your life.”

“He plainly presents the Truth, using his real life experiences as a way to connect people with the Word and inspire them to pursue Christ.”

“He is truly anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit and I have no doubt that God is speaking through him.”

Travis and his wife Joni have two children, Brye and Joel. They live in Spotsylvania VA.